Sea breeze

April 28, 2014

I'm pretty sure I was a dolphin in my previous life. Either that, or a mermaid. There are no words to describe how much I love the sound of the waves crushing the shore - and how the sun hits the water with that incredible glistening dance. Nothing beats this, nothing. The below clip is from my island here in Helsinki the other day - I walk and run on these shores almost on daily basis. My heart is full of gratitude every single time I'm out there.

Videonpätkää kotikulmiltani Lauttasaaresta - meri on aina ollut tosi tärkeä elementti elämässäni; en osaa kuvitella mitään yhtä rauhoittavaa ja rakasta paikkaa kuin merenranta; veden ääressä tunnen aina kiitollisuutta ja suunnatonta onnellisuutta, olipa elämäntilanteeni mikä tahansa. Luonto ja Universumi ikään kuin vakuuttavat noiden auringossa kimaltavien aaltojen myötä, että kaikki järjestyy kyllä.



  1. I'm convinced Dolphins are my spirit guide (if I believed in such things which I don't really). But I do love them! And I love, love the ocean!!!! Sad that I am landlocked. Lucky you to have it so close!!

  2. Dolphins are very special; I'm glued to TV every time they show these documentaries about dolphins, and the studies that point to dolpins' major intelligence are so interesting. One thing on my bucket list is to swim with dolphins one day !
    Well, hopefully you'll get a chance to see the ocean some day soon...plan a little road trip to the coast maybe :) Or buy one of those tapes that play the sound of waves for relaxation, then just imagine you're by the water.