Got $95 million ?

October 15, 2014

432 Park Avenue, New York.

On this side of the Atlantic there aren't big enough money lotteries (to my knowledge) that would enable you to purchase this insane penthouse apartment in Manhattan --- but hey, one can dream, right ?

Seriously though....what kind of people can even afford to buy a place with a price tag as absurd as this ? Doesn't it all seem a bit...too much ?

Let's say I win $ 200 million in a lottery (yeah, right) -- I would never, ever buy a place like this even though Manhattan is my favorite place in the world ! Yeah, I would buy a place in New York (and Miami, and San Francisco...and Thailand...and in Italy...maybe Switzerland...) - but I'd never feel the need to go overboard. Penthouse ? Maybe, but not with a two digit price tag. Three or four bedrooms for guests, nice kitchen, a view over Central Park perhaps...and that's it. I hope the people who can afford apartments like this give to charity as well.

Ah, but I digress. It IS a gorgeous apartment, isn't it ?

Pictures from Daily Mail


  1. Yes, it's gorgeous.......but it looks "cold" to me like a national museum or something. Guess I'm too old for it! I like the occasional set of curtains to keep the rest of the world's eyes out! HA. Would be great in a movie................Ginny

    1. Yes, curtains would be good - never know who's watching, even in the skies :)
      Personally I'd also feel a bit uncomfortable living in the penthouse of the 'tallest residential tower in the western hemisphere' for obvious reasons...that's just waaaay too high up in the sky for me.