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May 13, 2014

I recently came upon a blog that is written by a 41 years old woman who was diagnosed with lung cancer late last year. She has never smoked and is a self-confessed health nut; a mother, a wife --- she could be any of us. There's still quite a strong assumption out there that lung cancer only hits smokers or ex-smokers, but more and more it also appears in people who have never smoked. 

One of the reasons Lisa decided to blog about her experience with lung cancer is that she hopes to spread awareness - the diagnosis for lung cancer often comes after the disease has already progressed quite far, and people do not necessarily have the knowledge to push their doctors for a lung CT if they have, say, a persistent cough. 

I would like to suggest this blog to anyone who wishes to join Lisa on her journey and/or learn and spread awareness for lung cancer:


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