July 9, 2014

My mother would be 74 years old today. She chose to leave this life behind 16 years ago at the age of 58 and even though time has healed a lot of wounds, I sometimes still catch myself thinking how amazing it would be to talk with her, to have that unconditional love in my life, to have someone to call two or three times a week.

Mostly though, these days, I am happy for the memories I have - from an early age I had some sort of a hunch about losing my mother, and so during many of our moments together I actually was very present and memorized those moments carefully. Now it is easy to just close my eyes and go back to particular moments and smile at the sweet memories.

Happy Birthday Mama. Your bunny loves ya.


  1. Otan osaa äitisi menettämisestä.
    Oman äitini kuolemasta on 17 vuotta ja vieläkin asiat ovat osittain niin kipeitä, että hyvienkin hetkien muistelu alkaa ahdistamaan.

  2. Kiitos paljon.
    Osanottoni myös sinulle, ja olen pahoillani, että muistot ovat ahdistavia :/
    Halit <3