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July 31, 2014

How much does our attitude affect our life, really - even when it comes to different physical or emotional symptoms and how strong they are ?

I had a miserable June and mostly decided it was due to my PMDD and the consequent lack of exercise. I was determined not to have July turn out the same, and this happened: I had zero physical symptoms prior to my period in July -- my period actually started three days early (bizarre in itself as I usually am like a clockwork), and it caught me by surprise because honestly, there were no cramps and no migraines, nothing. The period ended up lasting a whopping 12 days though -- but it was not a normal period throughout that time so I'm thinking I'll see how August goes -- it might be that I need another checkup just to see if the polyps have returned....or whether the doc might think I'm starting to show symptoms of perimenopause.

I started working out again in the last week of June and have kept it up throughout July, slowly increasing the amount and intensity -- and this probably made a huge difference in that I did not have much emotional/mental problems either prior to my period in July. It's never without all the symptoms, but I had it quite easy to focus on the fact that any sadness and/or the occasional bout of annoyance/aggression I had was due to my hormones.....I didn't let myself sink in it, not dwell in it.

Summa summarum: July has been good, very good.

The downer with the long period is that I again have only nine days till my next period - although, maybe the cycle may be a bit messed up now, I don't know - it makes me feel like this life is all about being on alert and trying to focus, focus, focus every day on positive vibes, not being able to forget about the damn mentstruation for one hot minute. However......even now, I feel really good -- I've had some minor tantrums this week, with myself I mean; petty little stuff like almost bursting to tears when dropping a fork twice, ha -- but then, I catch the emotion and really just have to laugh at myself. Ah, to be a woman !

And with that said, I'm heading out for a run now. 

Bring it on, August - I'm ready & roaring !

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