Jesus spotted in Manhattan !

August 19, 2014

Ooops, sorry, no - it is Jared Leto !

Pic from Daily Mail

While I doubt that this guy could actually ever look bad, I'm not really fan of his Jesus hair (facial hair included). I guess it's a taste thing as I've never quite liked men with really long hair in general. Well, not longer than mine anyway. Even having been a huge fan of those 80's rock bands and acknowledging that guys like David Coverdale and Jon Bonjovi and Joey Tempest had "great hair", it was great hair in my opinion in the sense that I wouldn't have minded having that thick lioness fur-ish hair know, as a chick.

Anyhoo, Jared Leto. You can't say he's not courageous...dude has seen more hair styles than the average woman, or what do you think ?

Blue hair I don't care !

Plus, how is it possible that he's approaching his mid 40's looking like a baby, regardless of his hair ? Gosh, I remember back in the nineties when he was in My So Called Life- that was twenty years ago ! Since then, I've been a fan - not only is he a great actor, but he has a killer voice and is pretty succesful with his band 30 Seconds to Mars. I was lucky enough to see them play once, and almost lost my marbles when Mr Leto decided to jump off the stage and ran directly to where my friend and I were standing in the audience. I literally could have reached my hand out and touched him when he ran past us - handsome as ever - although surprisingly short...I'm 5'4" and he wasn't much taller. Oh well, I guess you can't have everything - he certainly has been blessed with much :)

My favorite style

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