July 17th

July 18, 2014

I can't wrap my head around this.

That in this day and can board a plane in Amsterdam - a civilian jet, for civilian people - heading to Kuala, adults, folks such as you and I....and be shot down. Shot down in the skies of Europe.

It's almost like a flashback to 9/11 - like how the hell is this even possible ? How do things like this happen in this world ? 

All those beautiful, innocent people. RIP.

Below, photo from Daily Mail:

Mo, Otis and Evie Maslin from Australia. They were traveling with their grandfather. I can't look at this picture without crying. I'm so angry, and scared too. Where are we headed ?


  1. Kyllä maailma on julma paikka - ei pysty käsittämään!!!

  2. I'm afraid Zella we live in a world that is short of resources (oil, water, food) and that there will be increasing violence. While you weep for this family, I was weeping for the boys that were killed playing on the beach in Palestine. It's all born from the same horrible human situation.

    1. So true Danette. I was crying for those boys too, it has been a heartbreaking week - just overwhelming with the horrible news seemingly non-stop.