Rush !

May 8, 2015

Day 8   A smell that you adore.....

Probably the best smell in the world to me is the smell of the ocean. Up there is also the smell of is intoxicating after a long winter. A smell of freshly made bacon....the smell of my skin after I've spent a day in the sun. The smell of coffee - often better than the actual taste of coffee, wouldn't you agree ? The smell of rain in the summer !

As I didn't really have time to prepare a photo collage of all these things....let's just publish a picture of my current perfume, Rush by Gucci. I think it's a scent you either love or hate, and I love it. I first wore it back in Florida around year 2000 - I believe it came out in it has an emotional connection to me. That's one amazing thing about smells too, isn't it -- a smell or a scent can bring up a memory from decades ago and take you back in a flash.

What would life be like without the ability to smell anything ?

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